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Fork du projet : Fork du projet materialawesome :


Material and Mouse driven theme for AwesomeWM 4.3

Original work by PapyElGringo, official development seem to have moved to material-shell

Note: This fork focuses on streamlining the config and adding some Quality of Life touches to the theme.

An almost desktop environment made with AwesomeWM following the Material Design guidelines with a performant opiniated mouse/keyboard workflow to increase daily productivity and comfort.

Click to view in high quality

Tiled Panel Exit screen


Note: the best transition is from gnome to material-awesome as KDE-plasma can break some indicators until plasma is purged entierly.

1) Get all the dependencies

  • AwesomeWM as the window manager
  • Roboto as the font
  • Rofi for the app launcher
  • Compton fork for the compositor (blur and animations)
  • i3lock-fancy the lockscreen application
  • xclip for copying screenshots to clipboard
  • gnome-keyring-daemon and a policykit-agent (by default policykit-1-gnome is enabled)
  • (Optional) qt5-styles-gtk2 or qt5-styles-plugins for making QT and KDE applications look the same as gnome applications
  • (Optional) Materia as GTK theme
  • (Optional) Papirus Dark as icon theme
  • (Optional) lxappearance to set up the gtk and icon theme
  • (Optional) xbacklight for adjusting brightness on laptops (disabled by default)
  • (Optional) kde-spectacle my personal screenshot utility of choice, can be replaced by whichever you want, just remember to edit the screenshot utility script

2) Clone the configuration

git clone ~/.config/awesome

Awesome 4.3 is so new that most of the distributions have not updated it yet. If you want to install this config on Awesome 4.2 (current version on depo) use the specific awesome-4.2 branch (not in development by me)

git clone -b awesome-4.2 ~/.config/awesome

3) Set the themes

Start lxappearance to active the icon theme and GTK theme Note: for cursor theme, edit ~/.icons/default/index.theme and ~/.config/gtk3-0/settings.ini, for the change to also show up in applications run as root, copy the 2 files over to their respective place in /root.

4) Same theme for Qt/KDE applications and GTK applications, and fix missing indicators

First install qt5-style-plugins (or qt5-style-gtk2) and add this to the bottom of your /etc/environment


The first variable fixes most indicators (especially electron based ones!), the second tells Qt and KDE applications to use your gtk2 theme set through lxappearance.

5) Read the documentation

The documentation live within the source code.

The project is split in functional directories and in each of them there is a readme where you can get additionnal informations about the them.

  • Configuration is about all the settings available
  • Layout hold the disposition of all the widgets
  • Module contain all the features available
  • Theme hold all the aestetic aspects
  • Widget contain all the widgets available